Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bird's Eye View Quest

Bird's Eye View Quest 2 of 3
Mint chips cookie cooked. Dakota's quest in FarmVille 2 Country Escape finished. Eagle eye Eddie came in to give you a quest, the Bird's Eye View Quest. He will give you 16 hours to complete his orders or else he will depart. If you complete it, your reward is a stamp and experience. A stamp will allow you to unlock something unique in the store.

The strategy of making crops to fruit without picking it is very helpful. All if Eagle eye Eddie 'a orders will be finished immediately if you have stocks waiting for you to pick. The orders of Eddie are chives, peaches and 4 pan fries. The challenging part here is the pan fries task.

A pan fries need 3 potato and a butter to cook it in the stovetop. You will need a total of 12 potatoes and 4 butter. A potato field can give you 2 potatoes for 30 minutes. You're going to need 3 hours to collect all 12 potatoes. If you have 2 or more potato field, you can have potatoes faster. 2 potato field is ideal in a farm.

Eagle Eye Eddie's Orders
For the butter, you will need 3 cow's milk to make it in the dairy. The butter is just easy so don't worry about it. What matters is the potato. You have plenty of time, anyway. Cooking time of a pan fries is 10 minutes. So all 4 fries will take you 40 minutes.

While waiting you can do anything you like. If you want to sell the mint chips cookie that you just made from Dakota's task, you can sell it for 6,700 gold.

After you sold all the items that Eddie needs, you will have stamp. The quest Bird's Eye View from Eddie consists 3 tasks. Collect 1 silver stamp, 2 bronze stamp and purchase 1 prized cow. You will have the cow when you already have the stamps needed.

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