Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sheep Ready To Wool

Finally after 8 hours of waiting my sheep in the game FarmVille 2 Country Escape is now ready to use. The sheep looks nice and healthy and the food it eats is 4 tomatoes. It should produce wool and I need 3 of them to finish Heidi's given task in the farmer's almanac.

I fed my sheep 3 tomatoes. It will produce 3 wool in 30 minutes. If I want the wool instantly, I can finish it using 3 keys and a speed seed. Anyway, I'll just wait for it to finish.

I'll just look for the stand on what I can sell. It's surprising that strawberry sundae can be sold for 7,000 plus gold. I should target these kind of orders to have gold that I would need in the future tasks in the almanac.

When I look at Pappy's pond, they're finished fishing. Unfortunately, they wasn't able to catch 1 mint so I have to send them back in the pond again. But I'll be faster to catch mint if they are four in the pond. I'll finish Marie's task first. A new character might come after the quest.

However, if no one comes, I'll send the three. In the mean time, I can start preparing a biscuit and a farmer's soup.

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