Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dakota And Heidi Didn't Got a Mint Leaf

Dakota And Heidi Didn't Got a Mint Leaf. They Got Stout
Dakota and Heidi finished fishing. They got only a stout. I will need to send them back in Pappy's Pond to collect one more mint leaf. I have to send all 3 of them to increase the chance of having a mint. The fishing time takes 8 hours, so I have to send them as soon as possible.

They will need 1 farmer's soup and a biscuit. I have to make those first because I have no more stock at my barn. While making those foods, I collected one shovel again for removing debris. I wonder how many shovels I have and how May debris I can remove.

After awhile all necessary foods for fishing are complete. I can now send Johnny, Heidi and Dakota in the pond to catch a mint, which I need to finish Dakota's tasks in the farmer's almanac. That's the only task left so they have to be successful.

While waiting for them fishing. I'm going sell things in my products stand first until I have a pan seared stout order. It's a good way to earn gold while waiting.

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