Monday, May 26, 2014

Learn Your Craft Part 2 (1 of 3) Trousers

Learn Your Craft Part 2 (1 of 3) Quest In FarmVille 2 Country Escape
The quest Learn Your Craft Part 2 (1 of 3) from the game FarmVille 2 Country Escape is from Marie. The task are simple. But you must have enough gold to buy the things that you need in order to collect the things that Marie asks. In this quest you'll need to collect 8 tomatoes, 12 wool and make 2 trousers.

The first task which is to collect 8 tomatoes is very elementary. Just grab them in your tomato field to finish the task. Water it then collect again until you have 8 of them.

The next task which is to collect 12 wool isn't possible unless you have a sheep. And it will also take time to produce. You must feed your sheep to produce 3 wool with tomato. The producing time of the sheep is 30 minutes. The total time for 12 is 2 hours. Simple quest but takes time right.

The last task which is to make 2 trousers is where you will use the wool that you collect. You also must have a loom to create trousers. You can buy a loom in the store using gold. 6 wool is needed to make 1 trouser. The making time is 20 minutes.

When all task is done collect your 100 XP from Marie. Be ready for the next quest from her.

Friday, May 23, 2014

One Smart Cookie ( 3 of 3 ) Deviled Eggs

One Smart Cookie ( 3 of 3 ) Quest In FarmVille 2 Country Escape
This quest from Dakota is one of the easiest quest in the game FarmVille 2 Country Escape. The tasks are simple, collect 6 eggs from your animal chicken, collect 4 chives in Grandma's Glade and make 1 Deviled Eggs in the Stovetop.

In collecting eggs, obviously you have to have chicken in your farm. A chicken can produce 2 eggs when you feed it with corn. If you have 3 chickens then you can feed them simultaneously and collect 6 eggs at the same time. If you're not in a hurry then feed and collect eggs from your chicken one at a time. The producing time is not that long.

Chives are easy to have, just pout someone in Gramdma's Glade to collect collect them. You'll need country biscuits for your farm hands. There is an indication of chance of having chives, make sure that it is full to have chives surely. Heidi and Johnny together are good choice on having chives in the Grandma's glade.

The last task which make a deviled eggs in the Stovetop is also very easy. Just have 2 chives and 6 eggs. When you already have them, go to the stovetop to start making it. The cooking time for Deviled Eggs only takes 2 minutes.

When all task is done, Dakota will give you your reward 1 key. The quest will end but be prepared on the next quest to come. Enjoy playing FarmVille 2 Country Escape.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Doctor's Orders Part 1 (2 of 3) Prized Pineywoods Cow

The quest Doctor's Orders Part 1 (2 of 3) in FarmVille 2 Country Escape
 In the quest Doctor's Orders Part 1 (2 of 3) in the game FarmVille 2 Country Escape, you have 3 tasks from Dr. Vivian. Send farm hands to tend prized pineywoods cow, make 3 prized cow feeds and upgrade pineywoods cow 1 time. The first task is simple. Just go to your prized pineywoods cow and send farm hands in it.

You will need to have 3 prized cow feeds in tending your Pineywoods cow, which is also your second task on the quest. In making the feeds, the recipe ingredients are 3 wheat, 2 apple and 3 carrots in the windmill. By the way, the new loading screen of FarmVille 2 country escape has changed. Below is the new loading image.

The new loading screen of FarmVille 2 Country Escape
The making time of a prized cow feeds take 5 minutes, so you will need 15 minutes for all if you already have the ingredients needed for them. Collect those feeds once they're done. The third task which is to upgrade prized Pineywoods cow 1 time is simple. But it will take a lot of time. Just tend your prized cow to upgrade it.

Tending your prized Pineywoods cow takes 30 minutes. You will have to tend your Pineywoods cow 4 times. So a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes will be needed. Maybe you already tend your prized Pineywoods cow 1 time if you already in this quest so 4 more to go.

The requirements needed to tend your prized Pineywoods cow are 3 Prized cow feeds, which can be made in the windmill. So for 5 tending, you will need 15 feeds. If you're on this quest, you may have tend your prized Pineywoods cow 1 time, so tend it 4 more times to upgrade it. Upgrading your prized Pineywoods cow means having at least one star.

When you're done, you should have 1 star and have a red ribbon. After all of the task are done, you will now be able to get your prize to Dr. Vivian 100 XP. Enjoy playing FarmVille 2 Country Escape.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Doctor's Orders Quest Part 1 (1 of 3)

Doctor's Orders Quest Part 1 (1 of 3)
When you buy a prized cow in FarmVille 2 Country Escape using a stamp, Dr. Vivian will come in to your farm to give you a quest. The quest is the Doctor's Orders. Part 1 consists 3 simple tasks. Have 8 apples, 12 carrots and 2 prized cow feeds.

The first two orders are very easy. Just pick them up in your crops. Prized cow feeds can be made in the windmill. You will need 3 wheat, 2 apples and 3 carrots to make one prized cow feeds. This quest will be very easy. You can finish it easily.

For only 5 minutes, you can finish making a prized cow feeds. Just collect the ingredients and make it in the windmill. If you have 2 windmills the you can make them simultaneously so it will take only 5 minutes to have 2 feeds.

Using keys to speed the prized feeds up is not advisable. But if you want to use keys, you can use 1 key for 1 feed. When you finish making the two prized cow feeds, it will end the quest the part 1 of Doctor's Orders quest. You will get your 80 XP reward.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bird's Eye View 3 of 3 Quest

Bird's Eye View 3 of 3 Quest
Eagle eye Eddie will order again once you tap on his place outside your farm in FarmVille 2 Country Escape. The quest 3 of 3 Bird's Eye View is very challenging. The quest consist of 3 things to do. Have 2 silver stamps, 1 golden stamp and purchase a prized sheep. Your reward will be 2 keys.

Orders from Eagle Eye Eddie will be difficult and will take you time to make. Even if you already have the ingredients, you will still have to wait for his orders to be cooked. Eddie's orders are 16 goat cheese, 2 loaded baked potato and 4 peach yogurt. Sounds easy.

Goat cheese is easy to make. You will need 2 goat's milk to make 1 goat cheese. You will need 32 goat's milk to make 16 goat cheese in the dairy. Milking time of a goat takes 3 minutes. The producing time of goat cheese takes only a minute.

To make a peach yogurt, you will need 2 peaches and a goat's milk. Your goat will be very useful in this quest. The fruiting time of a peach tree will take 4 hours. So if you already have peaches in your barn, keep them. Pick up some goat's milk and then make peach yogurt in the dairy for 3 or 4 minutes. If you don't have peaches, you will need 8 peaches to make 4 peach yogurt.

The loaded baked potato order will take most of your time. The ingredients needed are 1 baked potato, 3 chives and a butter. The baking time in the dinner oven will take 4 hours, you will need 8 hours to cook 2 loaded baked potatoes. If you want to instantly have it, you have to use 7 keys.

When all Eagle Eye Eddie's orders sold, he will give a a silver stamp. While he's away, you can start preparing the necessary ingredients for his next orders you won't have to rush. He'll be back after 4 hours.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bird's Eye View Quest

Bird's Eye View Quest 2 of 3
Mint chips cookie cooked. Dakota's quest in FarmVille 2 Country Escape finished. Eagle eye Eddie came in to give you a quest, the Bird's Eye View Quest. He will give you 16 hours to complete his orders or else he will depart. If you complete it, your reward is a stamp and experience. A stamp will allow you to unlock something unique in the store.

The strategy of making crops to fruit without picking it is very helpful. All if Eagle eye Eddie 'a orders will be finished immediately if you have stocks waiting for you to pick. The orders of Eddie are chives, peaches and 4 pan fries. The challenging part here is the pan fries task.

A pan fries need 3 potato and a butter to cook it in the stovetop. You will need a total of 12 potatoes and 4 butter. A potato field can give you 2 potatoes for 30 minutes. You're going to need 3 hours to collect all 12 potatoes. If you have 2 or more potato field, you can have potatoes faster. 2 potato field is ideal in a farm.

Eagle Eye Eddie's Orders
For the butter, you will need 3 cow's milk to make it in the dairy. The butter is just easy so don't worry about it. What matters is the potato. You have plenty of time, anyway. Cooking time of a pan fries is 10 minutes. So all 4 fries will take you 40 minutes.

While waiting you can do anything you like. If you want to sell the mint chips cookie that you just made from Dakota's task, you can sell it for 6,700 gold.

After you sold all the items that Eddie needs, you will have stamp. The quest Bird's Eye View from Eddie consists 3 tasks. Collect 1 silver stamp, 2 bronze stamp and purchase 1 prized cow. You will have the cow when you already have the stamps needed.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ready To Bake Mint Chips Cookie

Mint Chips Cookie Ingredients Complete
All ingredients needed in baking mint chips cookie in the game FarmVille 2 Country Escape are complete. The ingredients are 1 mint leaf, 7 flour and 7 eggs. When you have all the ingredients, go to the pastry oven, scroll down so you can see the mint chip cookie and then bake it.

This will finish the quest for Dakota in the farmer's almanac. The quest are to collect eggs, flour and finally bake a mint chips cookie. The baking time is 1 hour so you will have plenty of time to do other things and quest.

You can start doing task from Marie. One of the task is to collect blackberry in Grandma's glade. If your having problem with your storage capacity of barn, send Dakota in the glade. It will collect only blackberries and experience.

Monday, May 5, 2014

3 Wool Gathered

3 Wool Gathered
3 wool were gathered. All of tasks from Marie in FarmVille 2 Country Escape were done. New quest is ready to do. The next tasks to be done are to collect 8 blackberries, collect two cow's milk and make 2 blackberry pie.

Unfortunately, all of my farm hands are still in Pappy's pond fishing. I cannot collect blackberries in Grandma's glade for now. I will just have to gather, cook and sell things in the stand to make my time efficient.

After 4 hours they're finished fishing. They caught 2 fish, stout and bass. What's more interesting is they caught a mint leaf that finishes the quest for Dakota in farmer's almanac. Dakota gave another quest and the final task of that is to make mint cookie.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sheep Ready To Wool

Finally after 8 hours of waiting my sheep in the game FarmVille 2 Country Escape is now ready to use. The sheep looks nice and healthy and the food it eats is 4 tomatoes. It should produce wool and I need 3 of them to finish Heidi's given task in the farmer's almanac.

I fed my sheep 3 tomatoes. It will produce 3 wool in 30 minutes. If I want the wool instantly, I can finish it using 3 keys and a speed seed. Anyway, I'll just wait for it to finish.

I'll just look for the stand on what I can sell. It's surprising that strawberry sundae can be sold for 7,000 plus gold. I should target these kind of orders to have gold that I would need in the future tasks in the almanac.

When I look at Pappy's pond, they're finished fishing. Unfortunately, they wasn't able to catch 1 mint so I have to send them back in the pond again. But I'll be faster to catch mint if they are four in the pond. I'll finish Marie's task first. A new character might come after the quest.

However, if no one comes, I'll send the three. In the mean time, I can start preparing a biscuit and a farmer's soup.

15,000 Gold Gathered To Buy a Sheep

15,000 Gold Gathered To Buy a Sheep
15,000 gold are complete. I can now buy a sheep. I'm going to buy it now because for sure, I'm going to wait for it to be in the farm. You know how I collect 15,000 gold? I already have 12,000 plus gold in my farm from selling quest items in the stand.

 The I noticed that I someone ordered in the stand for peaches. Peaches can be sold for 3,600 gold. The required quantity of peaches are 3 and I already have 2 in my barn. So I only have to pick one in my peach tree. Now I got the gold and ready to buy a sheep.

I bought it. The waiting time is 8 hours. It's good to have a sheep in my farm. I'm excited to have it. I can instantly have it using 12 keys. However, I'm not in a hurry. And besides, I only have 3 keys. I'll just wait for it to finish. It's really exciting to play FarmVille 2 Country Escape

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sheep Needed To Collect 3 Wool

Sheep Needed To Collect 3 Wool
Baked potato and blackberry pie are now cooked. All tasks given by Marie in the FarmVille 2 Country Escape were done! As a reward Marie gave me a key. The next tasks I think will be challenging.

I like the next tasks to do. The tasks are to collect 4 tomatoes, have one sheep and collect 3 wool from it. Collecting tomatoes are very easy. I can finish it by just picking tomatoes in my tomato fields.

The sheep makes me really excited. I can have by buying it for 15,000 gold. I already have 12,000 plus gold in my farm. 2,000 plus gold left and I can buy a sheep. So I'm going to sell items in the stand to earn more gold.

Dakota And Heidi Didn't Got a Mint Leaf

Dakota And Heidi Didn't Got a Mint Leaf. They Got Stout
Dakota and Heidi finished fishing. They got only a stout. I will need to send them back in Pappy's Pond to collect one more mint leaf. I have to send all 3 of them to increase the chance of having a mint. The fishing time takes 8 hours, so I have to send them as soon as possible.

They will need 1 farmer's soup and a biscuit. I have to make those first because I have no more stock at my barn. While making those foods, I collected one shovel again for removing debris. I wonder how many shovels I have and how May debris I can remove.

After awhile all necessary foods for fishing are complete. I can now send Johnny, Heidi and Dakota in the pond to catch a mint, which I need to finish Dakota's tasks in the farmer's almanac. That's the only task left so they have to be successful.

While waiting for them fishing. I'm going sell things in my products stand first until I have a pan seared stout order. It's a good way to earn gold while waiting.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Blackberry Pie Ready To Make

Ready to bake blackberry pie
Finally all ingredients needed to make a blackberry pie are complete. I can now make a blackberry pie to work on the tasks given by Marie in the game FarmVille 2 Country Escape. The ingredients are 4 blackberries, 3 flour and a milk.

The remaining tasks from Marie in the farmer's almanac are to make a baked potato and to make a blackberry pie. Those task are easy. I can start them simultaneously so I can hit 2 birds in one stone.

I starting making them and the cooking time is 15 minutes for both. It's quotes easy tasks from Marie . I'll be looking forward for more challenging tasks after I finish all these.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another Blackberry In Grandma's Glade

I got another blackberry from Grandma's glade. Johnny and Heidi took it for me. They also got another things. What's important right now is the blackberry. I need two more blackberries to start baking blackberry pie.

I need to make biscuits so I can send Johnny in Grandma's glade again. Johnny will be enough to gather blackberry. Even if I put Heidi together with Johnny in the glade, they will only get one blackberry. So it will be fine to send Johnny alone.

I will just send Dakota in Pappy's pond and will send Heidi in the pond also if there will be more to get. I'm going to sell the stuffed bass now for 8,200 gold and pan fries for 1,100 gold. That's plenty of gold to buy things that I might need.

It's really fun to play FarmVille 2 Country Escape.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Johnny Got Only 1 Blackberry in Grandma's Glade

Johnny finished forging at Grandma's glade. It's sad because he only got 1 blackberry. I need 3 more blackberries to make a blackberry pie. I need to send Johnny back in the glade.

When I put Johnny on the glade, the chance of having blackberry is high but the quantity is only one. I then tried adding Heidi into the glade hoping that the quantity will increase. It's still one. It will be worth trying anyway. They might get more than one blackberries. Forging time will only take 15 minutes so it wouldn't take too long to wait for them.

I'm going to finish this task first before processing to Dakota's tasks. However I can start preparing the ingredients that I will need to do the first task that Dakota ask me to do. The dish to make is Farmer's soup and the ingredients are 4 goat's milk, 5 carrots and 2 tomatoes.

Finished Tasks From Dakota and Marie

I just opened my FarmVille 2 Country Escape account and surprised that Dakota and Marie's given task were finished. As you can see, the stuffed bass, butter and pan fries are now ready to be picked up. So i 'm going to pick them up and collect my prizes from them.

Dakota gave me a key and Marie gave me experience. I'm now a experienced farmer in the game. I'm now ready for new tasks they will give. I'm excited on what tasks they might give.

When they gave me the tasks, I was surprised that they are easy. And I already have one of the task Marie wants. That is to have dinner oven. I'm going to finish Marie's task first because they're too easy. Anyway I can start doing both of their task given simultaneously.

Anyway, on Marie's tasks, the last two tasks given are to make a blackberry pie and a baked potato. A baked potato requires only a potato so I can just put it in the dinner oven and start making it. Blackberry pie is a little bit challenging.

I need to have 4 blackberries so I need to send someone in Grand ma's glade to find them. Sending someone or group of people in the glade requires a country biscuit. It's just fine because I still have one in the barn. The other ingredients are 3 flour and a milk.

I sent Johnny to pick up some blackberries for me in the glade.

Ready To Cook Stuffed Bass

I already have the ingredients to make stuffed bass so there will be no time to waste to start cooking stuffed bass in the dinner oven. I started cooking the stuffed bass to start doing Dakota's 3rd task.

The cooking time is 45 minutes so i have to wait for it to finish. If I want to be instantly cooked, 3 keys will be required. I think I'll just save my keys for other things and just wait for my stuffed bass to be finished.

While looking on other things to do in my farm, I noticed that Dakota and Johnny switched places in the farm house. Dakota is now the one trying to shoot that magnet shaped metal thing into the metal object while Johnny is sleeping. They're funny guy.

Time To Cook Pan Fries

It's time to finish the tasks given by Marie in FarmVille 2 Country Escape. The last two task are to make two butter and make 1 pan fries. The ingredients needed to make a pan fries are 3 potatoes and a butter. Right now I have 2 potatoes so I only need 1 more potato.

It's easy because I already have potato waiting for me to pick it up on my potato field. I always water my crops so that whenever I need something I'll just pick it up. I don't stock it in the barb because my barn will be full and it's hard to pick up things when your barn is full. Good strategy right?

So I'm ready to make pan fries. I started it. The cooking time is 10 minutes and for instant cooking needs 2 keys. No rush. I'll just wait for it to finish.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dakota, Heidi and Johnny Finally Finished Fishing

After 8 hours of fishing Dakota, Heidi and Johnny were finished. They got interesting things for me this time. The got me a bass fish which has low chance to be caught and is now stocked in my barn.

There are so many more things they caught. They caught another stout so I can make another pan seared stout whenever I received an order. They also got one barn nail and a padlock which are necessary items to upgrade my barn to have more storage space.

I already upgraded my barn before and it will be the second time of upgrading it. However, I think I still have enough storage space to do the things that I need to do. And I still need 1 more padlock to upgrade. Upgrading for now is impossible.

What's interesting right now is the bass fish. That's the first task given to me by Dakota. And now it's done. The second task which I already done was to collect 3 tomatoes. I already have tomatoes waiting for me to pick in my tomato field so I picked them for that task.

The final task which I'm going to do for Dakota is to make one stuffed bass. I already have the bass so it would be easy for me to do the nest task.

Bought Potato Field To Start The First Task From Marie

I just finished the tasks given to me by Marie in FarmVille 2 country escape. The last 2 duties were make a strawberry milk and strawberry sundae. And all was done.

She gave me another set of tasks to do. The first one is to make a potato field, which I found a little bit difficult at that time because I only got 2,000 gold at that moment. What I did was sell those items that I can in the selling stand.

I sold the pan seared stout for 2,600 gold and a stout for 2,000 gold. After that I got almost 7,000 of gold. The cost of potato field is 10,000 so I have to gather 3,000 more gold. I just continued selling items in the market until I reached 10,000 gold.

After having enough money, here I'am placing the potato field beside the other crops that I already have. The planting time for potato field will take 30 minutes. I'm excited about the potato field. Can't wait it to finish.

I have to be patient on waiting because I only have 1 key left. The total keys needed are 3, so I just have to wait for 30 minutes.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Finishing Dakota's Task In Farmer's Almanac

I'm about to finish all the goals from Dakota in Farmer's almanac. I only need 1 butter in order to finish the goal. A butter requires 3 cow's milk. So I have to get cow's milk to produce a butter.

Finally, all goals from Dakota was done. I get experience from it and will soon level up to 14. I'm getting excited to unlock another things in the store.

Dakota gave me another set of task to do. This time I'm going to need a bass fish. I wonder if they can catch it this time so I have to cook biscuit and farmer's soup for Dakota to be able to catch fish in the pond.

I checked in the pond if they will be able to catch bass. Unfortunately, the chance of having a bass is low. So I need to other other task first. I'm getting excited to catch a bass and then cook the required dish for Dakota.

For the mean time, I have to make two strawberry milk and 1 strawberry sundae. 

Dakota's 2nd Fishing In Pappy's Pond

Finally after 7 hours of fishing in Pappy's pond FarmVille 2 Country Escape, Dakota got some items for me. I have another stout, Grand ma's Recipe book and the tackle box. This made me finish some goals that needs to be done in farmer's almanac.

This is the second time I sent Dakota for fishing. In the first fishing, I sent him together with two more friends. I didn't wait for them to finish because I was excited to get a stout. That's an important thing to have in the first fishing.

In the second fishing, I sent Dakota alone. And now he's finished and I got some xp on finishing some goals. This time I'm going to finish all the goals so I can proceed to the other goals.

Got a Debris Remover Shovel In Country Escape

I got another shovel in FarmVille 2 Country Escape. I can't remember how many times I got shovel but what I remember is I already removed a debris in my farm. Shovels are great tools we can use to remove that debris in our farm so we can have more space for our crops, animals or workshops.

After getting the shovel, I immediately buy another one because it take so long before you can get it. The waiting time is 8 hours. This strategy they do is cool so that you will not spend a lot of time playing the game and spoil your excitement.

I'm planning to remove another debris beside my Dinner Oven. However my shovel is not enough. I'm going to need 3 shovels to remove that debris. It's okay, no rush. There are plenty of things to do other than that. I'll just check the Farmer's almanac to see what task to do.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pan Seared Stout Cooked! Ready To Sell

I've been playing the game FarmVille 2 Country Escape and I'm have done a lot of goals in Farmer's Almanac. I just finished one of Dakota's goal "Make One Pan Seared Stout" in the stovetop.

It will take long if you're going to finish this goal because you have to have one stout from the pond. The fishing time will be 7 and more hours. I used 11 keys to finish fishing instantly and got the fish right away.

The next thing that you're going to need is butter which you can produce in the dairy. For butter, you need 3 cow's milk. The butter's producing time takes only minutes.

Once you have all the ingredients, you can now cook the pan seared stout in the stovetop. The cooking time won't take long. And you can sell it for 2,600 coins.

Let's Play FarmVille 2 Country Escape

It's been some days since I started to play the newly launched app for iPhone FarmVille 2 Country Escape. The game is fun to play. It's much better now than the previous FarmVille.

It's a free app that anyone can download in iTunes. The space needed is just small, so you don't have to worry about your storage. I believe this game requires you to have the latest iOS.

In the game, there are so many things that you can have in your farm to earn coins. Some items can be bought using keys and there is a speed seed where you can instantly finish what fruit or vegetable you are building.

You can also decorate your farm so it wouldn't be the same standard farm that everybody has. You can also have workshops like windmill, dairy etc so you can produce other products to fill the orders on your farm.

This game is really fun to play. Download it now in iTunes and enjoy!