Monday, May 26, 2014

Learn Your Craft Part 2 (1 of 3) Trousers

Learn Your Craft Part 2 (1 of 3) Quest In FarmVille 2 Country Escape
The quest Learn Your Craft Part 2 (1 of 3) from the game FarmVille 2 Country Escape is from Marie. The task are simple. But you must have enough gold to buy the things that you need in order to collect the things that Marie asks. In this quest you'll need to collect 8 tomatoes, 12 wool and make 2 trousers.

The first task which is to collect 8 tomatoes is very elementary. Just grab them in your tomato field to finish the task. Water it then collect again until you have 8 of them.

The next task which is to collect 12 wool isn't possible unless you have a sheep. And it will also take time to produce. You must feed your sheep to produce 3 wool with tomato. The producing time of the sheep is 30 minutes. The total time for 12 is 2 hours. Simple quest but takes time right.

The last task which is to make 2 trousers is where you will use the wool that you collect. You also must have a loom to create trousers. You can buy a loom in the store using gold. 6 wool is needed to make 1 trouser. The making time is 20 minutes.

When all task is done collect your 100 XP from Marie. Be ready for the next quest from her.

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